"Justin Antonio Salgado is an incoherent mess.               To believe such a man would be utter lunacy."                                       (Justin Salgado)

That being said, Justin Salgado is a prolific artist whom seeks to change the world with his masterpieces.

                               (Justin Salgado)

Growing up in the mean streets of Mississauga, Justin developed his taste for art, due to his lack of genetic strength. Listening to Portishead and No Doubt he drew relentlessly. Well, he drew sometimes, when he wasn't out partying (humble brag) and trying to convince women he was the, "sensitive guy they needed." Over the years he realized this angle was not working for him and he honed his artistic skills. After college, Justin really, really, really, took his time getting into the animation industry. 5 years to be exact. In that 5 years he illustrated a comic his friends, Mike Stortz and Tom Way wrote. Surprisingly, Justin's illustrations were good! Not long after, he finally got into the animation industry. Since that day, Justin has been working incredibly hard as an animator and all around artist. No joke.

As silly as Justin may be from time to time, he takes his illustrative career very seriously. The Loop is one of many projects he has stored in his head and he hopes everyone loves his work as much as he does, so he can keep creating art that people can enjoy.